Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Burning Question: Zorbees or Shamwow?

I need to hear from you. Ellie is on me to get a set of these and I don't know who to trust. Zorbees pitchman, Billy Mays, has the OxiClean track record and one of most well-maintained beards in all of TV land, but this Vince guy with Shamwow (despite the cheesy headset) sounds pretty compelling- and that piece of carpet sure looked dry to me.

Have you used either of these? Give me some comments. I have a fever for some German microfiber super absorbent cloths and a five-year-old with a hankering to help me clean up spills.

1 comment:

  1. The Zorbees are great and they really work. Leonard was amazed when he blotted some red stuff - it took it all and did not even turn the zorbee red. I had enough in one package to share with 3 other families in my larger family. Just wash with other clothes, do not dry in drier and use and use and sue.