Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Man of His Word

ATTN: Tennessee Fans, turn back now!!!

This is my payoff on the friendly Chick-fil-a Bowl wager I made with Nate Moock, the Hokie.

A Man of His Word from Tiger Brooks on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tiger Brooks Removes Name From Consideration in TN Coaching Search

Dear People of Earth (Shout out to Conan!):

I am honored to have had my name mentioned in some circles (the car I was riding in yesterday) as being a viable candidate to take over the head coaching job at the University of Tennessee. While I have been a Tennessee fan since the womb and would be fascinated by the opportunity, I must take my name out of consideration at this time.

Much like a football coach, in my present vocation as Minister to Students at Indian Springs Baptist Church, I have the high honor and privilege of coming alongside young people and walking with them during a very pivotal time of life. I model, teach, train, encourage, support and, above all, offer the love, grace and truth of Jesus Christ. The nature of this relationship requires more than the two years that I have presently been on this job. The same could be and should be said of a college football coach who has also been entrusted by students and parents.

Much like the tenures that we are seeing in the present climate of college coaching, the "youth pastor's" tenure has historically, notoriously averaged 18 months or less.  Many voices are saying it is completely unreasonable to expect longer tenures-- that people are always seeking the next rung on the "ladder" or pursuing the almighty dollar.  That maybe fine for the person who basically works in a vacuum. The person that pushes papers around a cubicle or crunches numbers or tightens bolts on an assembly line, whose job does not call for meaningful relationships, may be able to hop around until they land their "Dream Job."  For people who are called to vocations like coaching, ministry, teaching, etc., in my humble opinion, opt out of that luxury.

I am not saying that all people will be like Bobby Bowden, Joe Paterno, Mike Morgan (if you know him, you get it) or other people who spend decades in the same place. I am simply saying there is something to be said for planting and investing one's self in a given job for an amount of time sufficient enough to bear fruit.

In conclusion, I wish all the best to the University of Tennessee in their search for a new head coach to lead them into the future. As a fan, I pray that God would lead them to the right man for the job. However, for all of the aforementioned reasons, I will not consider leaving one of the best and most rewarding jobs in the world.

Kindest Regards,


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WWJD? Here's What Josh Did...

On January 3, 2010, rising Christian music singer/songwriter, Josh Wilson, found himself in Newark Airport with a few associates only to discover all flights were canceled. Have you been there? Not in Newark, per se, but in a situation with hundreds and hundreds of angry travelers trapped in an airport. I have. Nerves are on edge. Tempers are flaring. Attitudes and personalities are tested. What do you do?

Watch what Josh did:

Some of my fellow Christ-followers would wonder aloud, "Why would you not want to sing a song about Jesus Christ while you have a captive audience?"

Some of my more marketing-driven peeps would ask,"Why would he not want to sing one of his originals and maybe put his case out for donations, or sell product right there on the spot?"

"What a wasted opportunity," some say.

Well, let's examine what he did. Knowing a little more of the story, some of his buddies didn't think he would take the challenge of just busting out the guitar and bellerin' out a song. But he did. He chose a song by one of the most popular bands of all time. A song with a great hook everyone in the airport over 25 would recognize.  He "took a sad situation and made it better."  Did you see the smiles on the faces- the black faces, the red faces, the white faces, and the yellow faces?

Here is the rest of the story. This link has been twittered by a who's who of famous twitterers from Ryan Seacrest to the founder of Twitter himself. It has been picked up by Fox News, NBC and CNN.  Before it is said and done, millions will be exposed to the music and ministry of Josh Wilson because of his act of kindness- simply using his gifts to make a the most of a bad situation. Jesus Christ will ultimately receive the praise He so richly deserves.

If Josh had pulled out his guitar and sang "Amazing Grace" he, no doubt, would have made a few folks happy. Several Christian travelers would have had a cute capture on their smart phones. But you and I would not be talking about it and millions of people, in the quietness of their homes, would not be researching what Josh Wilson is all about-- and the God he serves.

Something to think about.