Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tiger's Take on #DWTS (Subtitle: Tiger's Guilty Pleasure)

I think this season of DWTS will be an interesting one to watch. Here are my observations on the cusp of tonight’s first elimination.

  • I like this season of pros. I don’t miss Karina Smirnoff at all. I wish Ashley could get a decent star.
  • Kate Gosselin is about the worst I’ve seen in a while. Yes, Jon was terribly immature and made some bad, bad decisions, but I wouldn’t have taken Kate to McDonald’s much less marry and have a legion of children.
  • Either Buzz needs to blast off or Kate needs to skate.
  • I was over the “hero worship” / “respect your elders” thing after the first 3 minutes of Buzz’s segment. He is a great American, but this is shameful and hard to watch. If he and his wife, Lois, had their faces stretched any tighter, Kenny Rogers and Joan Rivers may sue for trademark infringement.
  • Evan Lysacek and Nicole Sherzinger are my early favorites. They both have an unfair advantage, in my opinion, but they have been very good early.
  • Watch out for Niecy Nash! She has huge likeability factor and broad audience appeal with her wide and varied television/motion picture repertoire.
  • Not sure I like the change with Brooke Burke instead of Samantha Harris. Sure, Brooke is easy on the eyes and all, but she is a bit tentative and nervous in the interview.
  • Tom Bergeron is worth whatever they are paying him. His quick wit and ability to laugh at himself really comes off well.
  • Pam Anderson needs Jesus.
  • Chad Ochocinco is one of the worst athletes they have had in recent years. He may have a big upside if they can tame his ego, but don’t hold your breath. The Bengals and the NFL have tried for years to no avail so I don’t think Lynn will have much luck either.
  • I like Erin Andrews. She is beautiful, tough, funny and has some raw dancing ability. She could be a dark horse if wives don’t vote her off to get back at their ESPN-salivating husbands.
  • As a dancer, Jake the Bachelor is a great pilot.
  • I don’t know how Shannon Doherty made it doing anything. I don’t know of anything I ever liked her in... Including DWTS.
  • Finally, Aiden needs to bring it down a notch. Not enough people know him to be a jerk and get away with it. You better treat Edyta right or I’m coming!

There you have it friends, Tiger’s DWTS Handicap. Meaningless drivel with no eternal value... kind of like recent presidential addresses. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

UT Media Complaints About Practices Comical

As I read the twitter posts from any of a number of University of Tennessee sports beat reporters, the tension almost leaps off the page. It seems that everyone has their panties in a wad over trying to gauge the degree to which Coach Derek Dooley will allow access to the football program. The man has only been on campus for three months and many in the media are demonizing him simply because he hasn’t become their best buddy yet. Give me a break.

I am as passionate about UT sports as the next guy. During the coaching search, I spent WAY too much time at my lap top.  It was embarrassing. I crave information like everyone else. However, the University of Tennessee and I have placed our faith and trust in Coach Dooley, whatever his policies are related to media access, I am going to be okay them. I want him to be comfortable and in control. The day some 20-something, up-start, blogging, radio wannabe begins to dictate media policy to the school is the day that the trouble will begin.

It is greatly akin to complaining when your favorite restaurant abandons buffet service and adopts table service. You can no longer just walk around, grazing the pasture for something to eat. You are forced to sit there and be served whatever the special is that day. Yes, Mr. Reporter, you will have to work harder for your story. Sorry. Yes, Miss Rabid Fan, you may have to wait for the news you so desperately seek after. Nick Saban is the name du jour when it comes to a clamped down media policy. Many speculate that because Dooley is a Saban disciple, his policies may be similar. All I can say is--- as much as it pains me--- things seem to be working pretty well in Tuscaloosa.

Let Coach Dooley run this program as he sees fit. If it goes south, then have at it. But until then, I for one, will be supporting this coach and his policies. I will sacrifice news immediacy for program integrity.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reflections of a 40-Year-Old

Yes, yes, the rumors are true. I turned the big 4-0 today. We have all heard tales of this milestone birthday all our lives. Having now reached it, I must ask, "What's the big hairy deal?" It has really been anticlimactic on the "Oh, you are getting old" front. I honestly don't feel older. Thankfully, I am in the best shape I have been in since my early 20's.

However, from the standpoint of celebrating another year of life with family and friends, it has been OVERWHELMING!  In this age of social networking, telecommunications and radio waves, it seems that word travels fast. My cohorts at WCQR have announced it to the whole tri-state listening audience. I have so many Facebook wall posts that I could never hope to have the time to answer them, individually.  Then there's all the calls, texts, voice mails and emails. Whew! I am so blessed. Every single year on my birthday my phone will ring at 11:20AM, the exact time of my birth, and the voice on the other end is that of my sweet momma wishing me a happy birthday. I also got great birthday songs sung to me via phone and voice mail from various family and friends.

To all my family and friends who cared enough to take the time to wish me a happy birthday, regardless of what form it took, I am humbled and honored. Thank you very much for the encouragement. 

There was one voice mail, however, that was so unique I just had to share. My long-time friend, Debbie Johnson, happens to be the music teacher at Jefferson Elementary. This morning she had the chorus sing me a little birthday diddy that was so awesome I just had to share:

Debbie BDay by RevTiger