Monday, January 12, 2009

My View: "If I Was Jesus"

We dropped a new song into rotation at WCQR a few weeks ago that has created quite a stir among some of our listeners. The emails and the calls started rolling in. It is not the first time and it certainly won't be the last. The song is by Paul Coleman and it is entitled If I Was Jesus. Some may have a problem with it because country music star, Toby Keith, had done the song on one of his records. How could a song that was sung by a sinner be played on Christian radio--- is a question that must have floated through some of their cerebral cortices. If that statement did not make you chuckle, well, maybe you are one of them.

Although I would really love it if you tuned into 88.3fm to hear the song, I have posted a video of the song and the song lyrics at the bottom of this post so you can see and hear what this is all about. The video is from YouTube and it is not complete, but it will give you the flavor.

Here's my two cents.

The song is an interesting dichotomy. First, the style is very light and bouncy. The lyrics seem very elementary and childlike. Both of which belie the deeper meaning and gravity of the message which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People have a real problem considering the humanity of Christ. Funny-- so did the Pharisees. People don't like to think about Jesus being at a party with his friends, having a good time and turning water into wine. If you have a problem with that, I am sorry, but that is what the Book says. What's more, He did not turn the water into Welch's grape juice either.

Interestingly, some of the same people who don't like to consider Jesus' humanity also have a problem accepting His divinity. Jesus is GOD! As God, His commands are to be taken seriously. It is a little thing we call obedience. Matthew 28:18 reminds us that "all authority in heaven and earth" has been given to Him. The song says that He has shown us who is "boss" and He demonstrated this on many occasions.

At the core, I think people have a problem because the Jesus we read about in the Bible is NOT conventional and does not conveniently fit into the modern church's view of the sweet little Jesus boy image. Jesus lived, spoke and was the TRUTH. He clashed with that which ran afoul of God's precepts. Yet, He also clashed with what had become accepted church practice of that day. Some things never change. Some of our accepted church practices have no basis in scripture, but we hang on to them for dear life. When the legalists try to bind up Jesus, He bursts through with grace, mercy and love.

I pray for the day that we stop arguing with each other about which view of Jesus will prevail and spend a little more time telling lost people about the Jesus of the Bible and testifying to what He has done in our lives.

The chorus of the song really says it all. He forgave us and adored us while He hung upon our cross. Praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Lyrics – ‘If I was Jesus’ – Paul Colman

If I Was Jesus, I'd have some real long hair
A robe and some sandals, is what I'd wear
I'd be the guy at the party, turnin' water to wine
Yeah me and my disciples, we'd have a real good time.

Ooh and I'd lay my life down for you (woooooh)
And I'd show you who's the boss (woooooh)
I'd forgive you and adore you
While I was hangin' on your cross
If I Was Jesus.

I'd have some friends that were poor
I'd run around with the wrong crowd, man I'd never be bored
Then I'd heal me a blind man, get myself crucified
By politicians and preachers, who got somethin' to hide.

And I'd lay my life down for you

And I show you who's the boss (woooooh)
I'd forgive you and adore you
While I was hangin' on your cross

Yeah, if I Was Jesus.

Yeah, if I was Jesus.

If I Was Jesus, I'd come back from the dead
And I'd walk on some water, just to mess with your head
I know your dark little secrets, I'd look you right in the face
And I'd tell you I love you, with Amazing Grace.

Ooh and I'd lay my life down for you (woooooh)
And I'd show you who's the boss (woooooh)
I'd forgive you and adore you
While I was hangin' on your cross
If I Was Jesus.

If I Was Jesus.


  1. As is what we're used to, GREAT post Tiger!

  2. Sweet blog post Tiger, I havent heard that song before, but now I'll have to check it out.

    Reading it though bring up s certain question Ive had on my heart for the longest while. Ive discussed it with friends and family, and Id like to to have your input as well.

    I see the lyirc you posted "I'd be the guy at the party, turnin' water to wine" and when you had to say about it in your post. How thats exactly what Jesus did and how that is hard for us to imagine with our views of Jesus now.

    With that said Im just curious what your whole stance on "drinking" is. Now I'll be honest, I have drank before, but I dont "drink." I dont go to partys or bars every weekend and I dont need a beer everytime I eat pizza or wings. However, I have gone to a restaturant and had a drink with some friends, talked about sports, girls, and even faith, then gone about my evening.

    So what do you feel about all that? Is that wrong? I guess what Im saying is what would Jesus your opinion. We all know he wouldnt come with us to a party with underage consuption, foul language and the such, but if some friends and I asked Jesus to come have a beer with us over dinner and have a talk, would he? I dont know...but Ive always wanted to ask a pastor/ youth minister about this.

    I dont struggle with drinking, its just always been on my mind. My parents think the idea of me even thinking about drinking is terrible, are they right? Just wondering, and thanks for reading all this if you did...


    by the way, sorry if theres spelling/syntax errors..i have been know to be bad at both of those, haha..

  3. Very interesting post Tiger! I actually own the cd by Toby Keith w/ this song. I first listened to it on my way to D.C. w/ my mom and Sherree Williams. I still love it to this day. Although I prefer Toby's version, maybe because he did it first? I don't know.

    I get chills everytime the chorus is sung and the "I'd forgive you and adore you, while I was hangin on your cross" is what it's all about!
    I get so frustrated when people try to box Jesus up, and pretend that He can only act this one certain way. I think this song sums up perfectly what Jesus came do to. I'm excited that it has been released to Christian radio!
    Thanks for this post!

  4. yay for some real lyrics in the Christian music world!

    Nice post Tiger... glad to see you are back on the blog scene. We have missed you

  5. good song, thanks for posting the video

  6. I remember the first time I hear Toby Keith's version. I own that CD. Amongst the worldly songs there, it stirred a sleeping christian in me. I immediatedly thought...blasphemy. How dare he put himself in Jesus' shoes(sandals)??? The second time I heard the song, I heard the story of my savior. Hmmm, Could Toby Keith be sharing the gospel? Then I realized...He is taking the story of Jesus to people that might not ever see the inside of a church. Wait, aren't we, as christians, supposed to be doing just that?